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An album in the making as I go thru my old photo albums and get them digitized. Mostly of my family and I growing up in Robbins, N.C.
1986 - Grandfather (Papa)Bedroom in 1984, followed by 19851984 - Desk Area of Bedroom1983 - Poloraid Scan of our House (click for past vs present)1984 - Polaraid shot of childhood play area around Bear Creek1984 - View from our carport1983 - Neighborhood Friends1983 - Dining Room - First Camera1986 - Probably my first SP with my favorite thing, my bike1983 - Family photo in front of our house in Robbins, NC1985 - Rare snowfall covering 1981 Subaru DLAround 1982 - Easter Egg Hunt at White Lake, NC1985 - Bedroom wall just 1 year later.1984 - What our street looked like in 1984 (click for before & after)1985 - Shot of workbench inside workbuilding1982 - Friend's HouseCirca - 1978: My sister Amy and I with our pet Hamster1/35th scale T62 heavily modified to indicate damageDad and I, Late 1970s1985 - Diorama built of Post Cold War (click for more images)

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