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Galleries below are organized by Category: "Events", "Portraits", "Landscapes", 'Sports" etc., with four featured gallers at the top. Photos taken for should be listed in the featured galleries before being archived to the "Events" galleries category. The "Client Photos" gallery is reserved for private clients that may prefer not to share photos publicly. So for examples of my work, I have provided some wedding and portrait galleries.

I strive to create dynamic and timeless Portraits that will be cherished for generations. I photograph you, your friends or your family in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, capturing the spirit and personality. I also specialize in landscape and automotive photography, which when combined can make for some excellent portraits too. Images are meant to be treasured, and I welcome your choice of location to capture these moments in time.

Photo Session:
All sessions are done on location, at your home, the park, atriums, industrial settings or at any location that you choose. Most sessions will last from a minimum of 1 to 2 hours. This time allows me not only to shoot some fantastic shots but to become acquainted with each subject so that I can capture the true character and individuality. My goal is to capture these brief moments in time, so that they will become the memories you and your family/friends will visually treasure for a lifetime.

After Your Session:
Each photograph I take is post processed on the computer to improve tone, exposure, lighting, etc. I am very proficient in the use of Adobe products and can correct blemishes and other small problems upon request. Roughly a week after your session, you will be provided a personal gallery and password so that you can access your session's photographs. Don't forget to share your password with family and friends! Each session produces roughly 25 to 35 proofs for you to choose from.

The fee for each Portrait session is $100 and this cost does not include prints. You may view my gallery images on this site for examples of pricing for the various print sizes, merchandise, and digital photos for download. The sitting fee is due in full at the time of your appointment while the prints can be ordered directly through this site after they are posted.

Internet Sharing:
Due to ever increasing popularity of Personal Web Sites, Blogs, FaceBook, etc, Mtn Island Photography is now allowing you to directly link and embed your photos from the Mtn Island Photography website (free of charge) to your personal web pages. To access this control, go into a gallery and click the "Share" button near the top right corner.

I answer all emails, so please contact me if you have any questions!

Charlotte, NC