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Spring Break in Cancun. Wendy and I stayed at the Blue Bay Getaway (BBG) Resort from March 6 through 14th, 2005. In addition to all the activities at the resort, we also visited an ancient Mayan city, Isle of Mujeres, snorkle trip, Oasis Beach (famous MTV spring break area), pirate dinner cruise and entertainment, and several clubs.
2005 03-11 Senior Frogs 02.jpg2005 03-13 Pool Fun at BBG03.jpg2005 03-09 Chitza-Itza 01.jpg2005 03-09 Chitza-Itza 16.jpg2005 03-13 Pool Fun at BBG05.jpg2005 03-10 Pirate Cruise-Capt. Hook07.jpg2005 03-09 Chitza-Itza 17.jpg2005 03-09 Chitza-Itza 02.jpg2005 03-13 Senior Frogs at Lunch02.jpg2005 03-11 Senior Frogs 03.jpg2005 03-10 Pirate Cruise-Capt. Hook09.jpg2005 03-09 Chitza-Itza 03.jpg2005 03-11 Sexy Shoes Bar at BBG.jpg2005 03-10 Pirate Cruise-Capt. Hook10.jpg2005 03-13 Senior Frogs at Lunch03.jpg2005 03-09 Chitza-Itza 04.jpg2005 03-12 Pool Fun at BBG 01.jpg2005 03-09 Chitza-Itza 18-cenote.jpg2005 03-09 Chitza-Itza 05.jpg2005 03-11 Isle Mujeres02.jpg

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