Mtn. Island Photography | Investigation on Egmont Key
Created 30-Nov-13
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Various environmental investigations performed on an isolated island near Tampa, Florida. This island could only be accessed by boat. It was a former WWI/WWII military base and has remnants of those former structures, including old brick roads.
2006 03-23 Mainland access to Egmont Key2001 07 on loading barge01.jpg2002 06-18 exploring Fort Dade (Egmont Key, Fl) 065.jpg2006 03-23 Former Military Dock/Rail Line2001 07 dock on Egmont Key.jpg2001 07 gun emplacement ruins.jpg2006 03-23 Pilot Harbor boar to Egmont Key2002 06-18 sampling soil @ 1EKMW3 @ Fort Dade 05.jpg2006 03-23 Telling a Story on Egmont Key (former Brick Road & Housing)2001 07 off loading barge01.jpg2006 03-23 Unloading boat on Egmont Key Pier2002 06-18 exploring Fort Dade (Egmont Key, Fl) 05.jpg2001 07 gun emplacement ruins02.jpg2002 06-18 demobing off Egmont Key.jpg2001 07 well install @ EK2.jpg2006 03-23 Beach Erosion at Power Plant2006 03-23 Restored Gaurd House2006 03-23 Former Power Plant

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