Mtn. Island Photography | 2011 04 - Info on Purchasing & Owning the Chevy Volt!
Created 30-Nov-13
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We ordered the 2011 Chevy Volt back in October 2010. Because it is only being built in limited numbers, it took till April for it to finally arrive. Car is numbered 2227 and was built around Wendy's birthday on March 16, so I guess that makes it her birthday present. Only available in about 6 markets at the time and the DC area is closest to home. Actually picked it up in Gaithersburg, MD at Criswell Chevrolet then spent some time tooling around in D.C. Now that it's back home in Charlotte, we commute to work on electricity alone. Did need to use some gas to get it from DC to Charlotte. Other images show how I was interviewed by the local media with the local energy company as they did a story on a Pilot Program to install a 240 Volt charging station.
Air and Space MuseumDriving Tesla Roadster. Guess that's what $150K buys you.Natural History MuseumBunch of demostrators near the White House. Got in the way for good pics but they made it interesting.Driving Tesla Roadster. Ferrai fast but also all electric.  Can't belive this thing can go 0-60 in 3.6 sec with a 250mile rangeAfter waiting 6 months, our Chevy Volt is finally built and at the dealer.  Heading up to Maryland tonightNew Volt parked in front of White House.  Couldn't stay here to long.2011 04 Trip to D.C. Area to Buy new Chevy VoltFirst time using one Charlotte's few public charging stations in Uptown. Much faster than 110 factory chargerHistory MusuemPreacher demonstrator reminded me of that old guy at UNCC near the Belk TowerDriving along the Potomac River still on amps.New Volt parked in front of White House.  Couldn't stay here to long.Getting near our nations Capitol. Govt not shut down YETMall area2011 04 Woops.  That's no gas capGM programmed the startup screen to show the vehicle production number. This one is the 2,227 vehicle producedAir and Space Museum2011 04 DC Trip to get Volt 028 copy.jpgNavigating to Washington Monument

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