Mtn. Island Photography | Looking for Water for Future Development (click for more photos)
Created 30-Nov-13
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Not the best day for photography (too much contrast). Shots of an interesting project our company recently took on to find groundwater resources for several thousand acres of undeveloped land in TN. Developers want to build a self sustaining community here with over 3,000 homes, golf course, and "village stores". Because no town is nearby that can supply these needs, they will have to rely on tapping an aquifer. This was just the preliminary investigation to determine the best location for test wells. This land was rugged, with one way in and one way out. We had fun though using a heavily modified 4x4 (made for working not show).
Sometimes you have to make your on roadsThis was serious off-roading: Moving Boulders to Continue TrailThis guy wasn't so lucky (next image is where he likely rolled)Camera didn't do these images justiceInvestigating underground springsCrossing StreamsAlmost didn't make it this farLooking for Water for Future Development SiteRick and I on the trailGrid9__16 -  sandstone outcrops in grid9.jpgGeneral access images, in sequential order taken_27.jpgReviewing topo map

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