Mtn. Island Photography | 2007 June - Trip Down Memory Lane to Robbins, NC
Created 30-Nov-13
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Eventually I want this gallery to contain older photos from the various prints my family has collected over the years - before the age of digital photography. So it will take some time to get them scanned. For now, I am including some photos I recently took on a day drive back to my home town of Robbins, NC. Was actually born and raised here till I left for college in 1989. Was and still is just a small mill town of about 1,200 people. But we have had a few famous folks come out of here, including Capt. Charles E Brady, Jr. MD., an astronaut, and Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator John Edwards.
2007 Water Plant Road2007 Day Trip Back To Hometown2007 Driving Neighborhood Streets2007 Childhood Playground at Elise Middle School2007 To Town Reservoir and Damm of Bear Creak1984 - What our street looked like in 1984 (click for before & after)2007 Close-up View of Playground2007 North Moore HS - Gymnasium Parking Lot (and student parking area)2007 Home of Lady That Watched Us After School2007 Home We Lived in From 1970 to 19762007 North Moore HS - Grounds to Football Field2007 Home We Lived in From 1976 to 1990 (click for more views)2007 Elise Middle School (4th - 8th Grade)2007 Abandoned Neighborhood Pool & Civic Center2007 North Moore HS - Track and Football Field2007 Former Milliken Textile Plant My Father Worked (and John Edwards)2007 Elise Middle School (4th - 8th Grade)2007 Driving By House We Lived in From 1976 to 19902007 Sugar Shack Down Country Road2007 North Moore HS - Bus Parking Lot

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