Mtn. Island Photography | 2001 May - Eastern Caribean Cruise
Created 30-Nov-13
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Various photos of my wife and I enjoying a cruise in May 2001. Pictures were taken using a combination of Canon EOS Elan (then scanned) and Sony TRV20 Camcorder (built in 1 megapixel digital camera).
our dinner table on formal night 5-20-01 01.jpgwendy looking over Paradise Island at Nassau 5-20-01.jpgWendy & I at Labadee Island 5-24-01.jpgwendy & I at rear of ship at Nassau 5-20-01.jpgwendy at promanade overhang 5-23-01.jpgWendy on beach at Labadee Island 5-24-01.jpgwendy on deck 4 5-21-01.jpgwendy & I by casino entrance 5-25-01.jpgbryan & wendy posing in front of ship at St. Thomas 5-22-01.jpgwendy at solariam pool 5-25-01.jpgwendy swiiming at Honeymoon beach St. John 5-22-02.jpgbryan posing with casino babe 5-24-01.jpgwendy & I in bar 5-20-01.jpgwendy in front of Nassau Fort 5-20-01.jpgwendy & I in Puerto Rico Rain Forest 5-23-01.jpgwendy & I in chapel 5-25-01.jpgwendy & I on harley in promenade 5-23-01.jpg

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