Mtn. Island Photography | 2006 Aug. - Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip
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Images taken during a 3-Day Rafting Trip down the Grand Canyon. Trip originated in Las Vegas with a Chartered Flight to the Bar 10 Ranch on the canyon rim. Spent the day doing ranch activities and slept in a covered wagon. The next morning we were helicoptered down to the bottom of the canyon where we boarded our raft. Spent the rest of the day white water rafting, making frequent stops along the Colorado River. That night we camped along a river wash and enjoyed camp food and the clear night sky. The next day included more rafting before meeting with a jet boat near Lake Mead. The jet boat took us to a dock on the other side of the lake where we boarded a charted bus back to Vegas. The images are more or less in order of events on the trip.
2006 08-27 The Next morning, flying down in helicopter to bottom of canyon2006 08-27 Grand Canyon Rafting Trip2006 08-25 Flying into Vegas2006 08-27 Grand Canyon Rafting Trip2006 08-26 Boarding bus at International airport to smaller airport in Vegas2006 08-27 After disembarking from helicopter2006 08-26 Old Ranch hand stories at Dude Ranch2006 08-27 Took several trips to get everyone down2006 08-26 Playing Volley Ball at Bar 10 Ranch2006 08-27 Grand Canyon Rafting Trip - Another break for a chance to explore2006 08-27 Getting our equipment ready and packed for the raft2006 08-28 Grand Canyon Rafting Trip2006 08-26 Volley Ball at the Dude Ranch2006 08-27 Overlook to watch the jump into the river2006 08-28 Grand Canyon Rafting Trip - Our Crew2006 08-27 Just prior to boarding rafts2006 08-27 Several of our rafters jumped in to cool off2006 08-26 Volley Ball at the Dude Ranch2006 08-28 Grand Canyon Rafting-hitting the rapids2006 08-27 Getting ready to shove off

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