Mtn. Island Photography | 2013 March - Creationist Museum
Created 9-Oct-12
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Entrance to museum. Had security like Fort Knox. Seriously, was surprising how much security they had.  Even had a K9 unit!Typical life size diorama inside showing humans and prehistoric animals (like these dinosaurs) coexisting.  Only off by 65 million years. But who's counting!According to the museum, all fossils formed during the "Great Flood" of Noah's Ark, or sooner of course.Evolution of the Universe was also in 4 days...More reasoning behind the Great Flood...Info on how all animals were vegetarians before Man's fall. Here we have a carnivore devouring some kind of coconut.More emphasis of the Great Flood, this time fitting the Geologic Time Zones into only 7 months during the Great Inundation. This to me was just too much and I left soon after....

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