Mtn. Island Photography | March 30, 2012: Charlotte Corvettes Show 2012 - Day1
Created 9-Oct-12
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Photos are shown here on several pages. If interested in purchasing prints, click buy this photo for options on size and prices. Watermark will not be shown on ordered prints. Purchases can be made directly through this website and will be shipped to your address. I received several requests for digital versions of the pictures. I totally understand the desire these days to have digital versions, versus prints. I also use most of my photography the same way. I added an option after you click on the thumbnail of a photo, then click "buy photo". The next screen that pops up has tabs across the top such as prints, merchandise, downloads, etc. if you click the download tab, you will go to a screen where it gives you the option to purchase different size versions of the image, which then can be downloaded directly to you without the watermark. Web friendly cost is set at the same price as a 4x6 print. That size should work great for Facebook, etc. However, for any of you that purchase prints, I will be glad to email you the digital version too at no additional cost. Just send me an email request. Also, if any of you want a CD of all your images, I will be glad to work out a special price just for you based on how many images you would like. Just shoot me an email and we can work something out. Finally, I added the local landscape pictures to the Day 1 gallery in case any of you would like to order the photo simulation specials of your car with these backgrounds. Just choose the background (picture file number) and email me for the other details. I enjoyed this past weekend. Great rides you all have. You all were a great bunch to hang with and I felt I made many new friends. Hope to see you guys at the next big event! Please forward this email to others you know were at the event so that they know the pictures are ready.

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