Mtn. Island Photography | 2007 01 BMW European Delivery (Trip to Europe for Car)
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These images represent a little known program available to residents outside of Europe, known as the �BMW European Delivery Program�. It basically allows you to buy a factory ordered car under the European Delivery Program at a lower price than here in the states. The catch is a good one; you have to pick it up there. Get to drive it all over Europe for up to 2 weeks on their insurance before dropping it off at one of several drop-off centers in Europe. The bad news is that you get home well before your car does. But my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the program and can't think of a better way to buy a new car. My trip report is saved under a BMW enthusiast message board here: Short video clip to music of our trip is here:
2007 01-19 Inside Heidelberg Castle2007 01-13 Waiting for flight in U.S.2007 01-20 Experiencing German Autobahn2007 01-18 Crossing the Belgium to Luxemburg BorderTour of Castle InteriorTour of Castle InteriorTour of Castle InteriorTour of Castle InteriorTour of Castle Interior2007 01-14 BMW Representative Picking Us Up at Munich AirportTour of Castle Interior2007 01-16 Seine River2007 01-14 Exploring Munich later that day near Marienplatz2007 01-18 Lunchtime2007 01-20 Final European Destination - the Harms Drop-off CenterTour of Castle Interior2007 01-20 Munich Nightlife2007 01-20 Using Public Trans now - to  Kunstpark2007 01-16 Musee du Louvre2007 01-20 Nightlife in Kunstpark

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