Mtn. Island Photography | 2007 07 - BMW Performance Driving School
Created 30-Nov-13
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Did the 1-Day BMW Performance Driving School driving their new BMW 335is (not mine). Learned a lot of new driving techniques and had fun to boot. Surprised myself by getting 2nd place in the end of day competition (maybe a new hobby). Made a video too using my little Fuji Digital Camera and uploaded to youtube here:
2007 07-20 BMW Performance Driving School2007 07-20 Follow The Leader2007 07-20 End of Day - Drove the Silver BMW 335i in background2007 07-20 Saloom (thru the cones)2007 07-20 Pic of Timing Sheet2007 07-20 Emergency Lane Change2007 07-20 BMW Performance Driving School2007 07-20 Timed Competition2007 07-20 Saloom - Practice Lap2007 07-20 ABS Brake Control on wet roads2007 07-20 Handling Course at Full Speed2007 07-20 Drifting on Wet Roads

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